Welcome to my new website

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Welcome to my new website!

I have spent the past few months working closely with my amazing designer, Sarah and my web developer, Kevin, to build The One-Handed Cook.com. The new site is designed to be more appealing on the eye and easier to navigate than the old blog.

When I created my blog back in 2012 (my, how time flies) my vision was to make The One-Handed Cook a destination for useful kitchen tips for busy mums and dads, featuring recipes and gadgets to make life easier. It all stemmed from a moment I had when my son was a baby and refused to be put down, leaving me to make dinner one-handed… Fast forward to baby number two arriving – a girl this time – and I was faced with making a meal for a 3-year-old and looking after baby. More one-handedness; again, I found myself juggling baby, toddler, food, washing, work, life… You get the picture! And so my blog was born.

The new website will still feature blog posts from this busy working mum of two, as well as my easy-to-make recipes – for you and your partner to eat one-handed in a moment of peace or to make on the hoof while the kids are clamouring for food, or to cook in stages, making most of windows of time. It will also feature product reviews, plus there is a new section called ‘My Top Tens’ where I’ll be featuring lists of things that make my life easier – and will hopefully help you too. From books to apps to products, my recommendations are tried and tested, and a must for every time-pressed parent and person.

We are all overwhelmed, we are all juggling, we are all multi-tasking all the time – whether it’s a baby, an iPhone, or a pen in your left hand with the right one free – we are all seeking for ways to make life a little less complicated and get through the endless to-do list. It is my hope that the ideas and tips on this site will at least make life in the kitchen a little easier.

Enjoy the new website, and do let me have your feedback!

P.S. And yes, there will still be lots of Playmobil and Lego people featured in the photos :)


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2 comments on “Welcome to my new website
  1. Knackered Mother says:

    Love it! Well done you x

  2. The One-Handed Cook says:

    Thanks, Helen. I’m really pleased with it!x

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