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Make Weaning Easy Squeezy!

Get your baby excited about trying new food

This is a really nifty device. You fill the squeezy rubber container part of the spoon with puréed baby food, squeeze gently and the food comes out onto the spoon, and, hopefully straight into baby’s mouth.

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You Spin Me Right Round

Is it a salad spinner, or an entertainment centre?

With its straightforward one-handed operation – so you can even spin salad while carrying baby – The One-Handed Cook is extremely happy with this bit of kit…

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Kitchen time-saving tips for busy people!


If you can think ahead when it comes to preparing meals –whether for the children, to eat together as a family, or for two invariably tired parents, then you have already won half the battle in the kitchen, I find.

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Beautiful Basil Pesto for Spring

Beautiful Basil Pesto for Spring

This is one to make when you get home tired from the park on a Saturday, or when the kids have had a party and are hungry but don’t want much, or simply for a weeknight post-work supper.

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Snack Attack

Or is there life beyond raisins and rice cakes?

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Supermarket Sweep (with toddler in tow!)

“I knew I should have brought more mini rice cakes with me…”

Going supermarket shopping with a little one in tow can be one of life’s more stressful experiences, shall we say.

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