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Sunny-tasting Mango & Coconut flapjacks to ward off the cold


The children and I devour these flapjacks the moment they are cool enough to touch. Oats are packed with B vitamins to ward off the winter blues – all in all, the perfect easy bake.

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Easy Mediterranean Chicken

Easy Mediterranean Chicken

My kids loved this meal when I made it recently – as did the two of us once the children were in bed! It’s a simple yet very tasty casserole, inspired by our recent holiday in France.

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How to get your child to eat better: get them involved!

Eating pancakes

One tried-and-tested way to encourage your children to eat a meal is to get them to get involved in making it.

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Finding calm in my busy life


What an amazing Easter we had in gorgeous sunny Wales. A week on Anglesey followed by a weekend in Abergavenny was just what my slightly overwhelmed soul needed. This time spent with friends and family was a true balm.

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Make Weaning Easy Squeezy!

Get your baby excited about trying new food

This is a really nifty device. You fill the squeezy rubber container part of the spoon with puréed baby food, squeeze gently and the food comes out onto the spoon, and, hopefully straight into baby’s mouth.

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You Spin Me Right Round

Is it a salad spinner, or an entertainment centre?

With its straightforward one-handed operation – so you can even spin salad while carrying baby – The One-Handed Cook is extremely happy with this bit of kit…

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Review of Jo Wheatley’s new cookbook, ‘Home Baking’

From counting out the cakes to decorating them, these were a delight to make – for me and the children.

If you like the sound of dishes such as Apricot Frangipane, Chilli Chocolate Cookies, Thyme, Cheese & Tomato Quiche, and Chicken, Pancetta & Maple Parsnip Traybake then look no further than Jo Wheatley’s new cookbook, ‘Home Baking’

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Review of Jo Wheatley’s ‘A Passion for Baking’ and interview with Jo

Jo Wheatley a Passion for Baking

Jo Wheatley impressed the nation with her amazing baking skills on BBC2’s The Great British Bake Off and after winning the competition in 2011 went on to write ‘A Passion for Baking’ – I meet her to talk family and baking.

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Cinnamon & Maple Syrup Eggy Bread

“Of course we have to have Eggy Bread, we’re camping!”

Here’s the recipe, so hoist the little one on your hip if needs be, and rest in the knowledge that even if you cannot put baby down, you can all still eat. Which will help.

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Delicious Asparagus Dippers

Dip dip!

In the past, I’ve always steamed or boiled asparagus – hmmm, yes, nice enough. But I recently discovered the joys of cooking it in a griddle pan. It is a breakthrough – the asparagus retains its lovely sweet deliciousness but also has a bit of bite and crunch to it. Plus it is SO easy, which we like.

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