A gadget designed to make life easier


Every once in a while I am sent something to review on the blog. This was a bit of a random one, I’ll admit, but it appealed to me because it’s a gadget devoted to Making Life Easier. I’ll drink to that. It’s call the Beets BLU PagerTag, and the idea is you attach the handy PagerTag keyring gadget to your keys, and download the app to your smartphone. You then pair the two wirelessly via Bluetooth, and if you misplace your keys (or whatever you decide to attach your keyring gadget to: it could be your husband, say) then the app will locate it and the PagerTag will sound an alarm, therefore enabling you to find your keys/husband.

Sounds good, right? Well after a few annoying false alarms and pairing issues, we were up and running. I actually did misplace my keys at the weekend, so went to the app on my phone, and searched for them. The alarm sounded and there they were, hidden under a pile of washing. Just don’t lose your keys AND your phone …

You can buy this gadget on Amazon.co.uk for around £19.

Disclaimer: I was sent this device for free to review on the blog.


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