Finding calm in my busy life



What an amazing Easter we had in gorgeous sunny Wales. A week on Anglesey followed by a weekend in Abergavenny was just what my slightly overwhelmed soul needed. This time spent with friends and family was a true balm.

It was an opportunity for the four of us to switch off from the busyness of our life in London, which can be overwhelming at times, with all its demands, and a chance to focus on the children, spend some time in nature (mainly on the beach) and unwind a little. Oh, and eat and drink a lot.

I am training for a 10K run next month and managed to get in a 4-mile run along the coastline by Trearddur Bay, which was stunning – check out the photo. I am finding that running is giving me so much in terms of health and fitness benefits, but also mentally. It is a chance to think, a chance to consider my body and particularly my legs in a new way (“I can do this!”) and it helps me cope better with the ups and downs of life. I have never run 10K before, so this a real challenge for me.

I am also about to go on a meditation weekend – I’ve been reading about mindfulness and figured it was time to give it a go in a learning environment. I will let you know how it goes.

Don’t worry, my body is still not quite ‘a temple’ – quite a lot of fruitcake and bara brith was devoured in Wales, and I’ll be sharing a recipe on here soon.



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