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Why I run – and how you can too

mummy has gone running

Life is busy when you’re a working mum of two. Monday to Friday I’m living the ‘one-handed life’ i.e constantly juggling and frequently doing two things at once. Running is a tonic.

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Overnight oats help keep me sane

overnight oats

The good thing about overnight oats is that in the morning, when your children are being grumpy and uncooperative (anyone?) and you are running around finding pairs of shorts and picking up dropped bits of toast, you don’t go neglected and miss out on breakfast.

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How to get your child to eat better: get them involved!

Eating pancakes

One tried-and-tested way to encourage your children to eat a meal is to get them to get involved in making it.

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Finding calm in my busy life


What an amazing Easter we had in gorgeous sunny Wales. A week on Anglesey followed by a weekend in Abergavenny was just what my slightly overwhelmed soul needed. This time spent with friends and family was a true balm.

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Welcome to my new website

Photo 25-03-2015 20 22 53

We are all overwhelmed, we are all juggling, we are all multi-tasking all the time – whether it’s a baby, an iPhone, or a pen in your left hand with the right one free – we are all seeking for ways to make life a little less complicated.

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3 genius gadgets you need to make life easier


Every now and then I come across a kitchen gadget that I just LOVE. It’s not often I stumble upon three. Three gadgets that this busy mama loves – and why? Because they Make Life Easier. Which we like. I recommend you get your hands on these, and quick.

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New Year, New Cake

Get ready to fall off the sugar-free wagon…

Happy New Year, peeps! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas break and have come back refreshed. I have to say, I was quite delighted to get back to the routine… and then I got back to the routine and decided it wasn’t that great after all. Hey ho.

So what does 2015 have in store?…

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Top Five Tips for a Successful Christmas Day!


It’s that time of the year again – when I wish I’d started Christmas prep in September… But hey ho, I’m just not that organised. If you are feeling the strain slightly, here are my Top Five Tips for a Great Christmas Day for busy mums, dads, grannies, grandpas – and everyone else.

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How to launch a successful children’s food brand


Every now and then I am lucky enough to interview a mum who has some interesting insights into how she feeds her children.

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Kitchen time-saving tips for busy people!


If you can think ahead when it comes to preparing meals –whether for the children, to eat together as a family, or for two invariably tired parents, then you have already won half the battle in the kitchen, I find.

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