Overnight oats help keep me sane

overnight oats

Yes, that’s a photo of some jars of oats with mango on top. My new favourite thing. Inspired by the many healthy food writers out there, I’ve been experimenting with ‘overnight oats’ – basically you get some porridge oats, mix them in a bowl with the same volume of almond milk, and add some other healthy goodness in the form of chia seeds (packed with protein), mashed banana (potassium), a sprinkling of cinnamon and a dash of maple syrup, and then layer the oats with fruit in a jar, and leave them in the fridge overnight. When you get up in the morning, hey presto breakfast is ready! Simply remove from the fridge about half an hour before eating so they’re not stone cold. I’m addicted, as is husband, and son’s pretty keen too. Daughter won’t touch them – she’ s highly suspicious, on every level.

The good thing about overnight oats is that in the morning, when your children are being grumpy and uncooperative (anyone?) and you are running around finding pairs of shorts and picking up dropped bits of toast, you don’t go neglected and miss out on breakfast. In fact you get something delicious AND healthy, which will help get your day off to a good start. And what’s more you can eat them one-handed straight from the jar! So pick up baby/ phone/ spellings to test 8-year-old on, and tuck in.

In the meantime, life is pretty good, although endlessly busy. Children are tired and looking forward to the end of term. Cor, I wish I could pack up for six weeks… Instead, I am organising summer holiday childcare (almost there), juggling work with endless school productions and sports days and gymnastics competitions and swimming lessons and parties and cubs and trying to keep it all together at home while also keeping a marriage going and being a good daughter/ neighbour/ friend. Which is all fine, it’s just my brain feels rather full sometimes. I am still running – keen readers will remember I embarked on a running regime at the beginning of the year – well, I did the 10K last month and am keeping it going. Like cooking, it keeps me sane. Honestly, I don’t know where I’d be without it.

What helps keep you sane?



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