6 things I have learnt this Christmas

Stop! Police! Step away from the mince pies.

Stop! Police! Step away from the mince pies.

We hosted Christmas this year. Cor, it’s hard work. And I didn’t even cook the Christmas Day lunch; my lovely husband was in charge of proceedings! But before we even reached the dizzy heights of Christmas Day itself, about three hundred other things happened: the turkey was duly ordered, the tree was lavishly decorated (the children’s help meant we had a lot of bauble clustering), the presents were chosen, bought and wrapped, a Belgian Christmas market was visited, and various Christmas ‘do’s’ were attended and staggered home from. All quite knackering, but great fun. Ho ho ho.

With Christmas over, my thoughts turn to 2014. What’s in store for the blog? Well, 2013 has been quite incredible on that front, with lots of new readers, followers, supporters and comments. Meeting new blogger friends and catching up with old ones at Mumsnet BlogFest was a highlight. All these things really spur me on, and so I intend to carry on sharing useful tidbits of advice, anecdotes, recipes, gadgets and kitchen equipment all designed to help make life in the kitchen a bit easier when you have small people to tend to at the same time. It’s not always easy. It’s not always fun. But we’re all in it together, and I hope you enjoy what you read here and on Twitterand see on my Pinterest boards.

So, in a bid to actually achieve something beyond eating 4 mince pies a day during this funny ‘in between Christmas and New Year’ period, I wanted to share 6 things I’ve learned this Christmas:

  1. You can never have too many mince pies (see above)
  2. Leaving out a mince pie and a glass of sherry for Father Christmas and a carrot for the reindeer is a wonderful Christmas moment for children
  3. When it comes to the turkey, go Rolls Royce*
  4. Family matters
  5. TV doesn’t (what actually happened in that Downton episode anyway?)
  6. Packet bread sauce is for wimps

*We had a Kelly Bronze which came in a special box with a meat thermometer (!); wasn’t cheap, tasted delicious.

Season’s Greetings, folks!



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