38 things I know now I am 38


It is my birthday, and inspired by Sophie Heawood’s recent Guardian article I wrote a list of 38 things I know now I am 38.

  1. No matter how much money you earn you will spend it.
  2. As a working mum, there will be times when work is brilliant, the kids are brilliant, your household is in hand and you feel like you have everything under control.
  3. As a working mum, there will be times when work is really hard and all-consuming, the kids are whiny and hard to manage, your household is a disaster zone and you feel likenothing is under control.
  4. If you can get out of the house in the morning feeling vaguely on top of things, that feeling will help carry you through the day.
  5. A pain au chocolat can help.
  6. Chopping vegetables is a very cheap form of therapy.
  7. Sometimes I want to ring up the controller of CBeebies just to say THANK YOU.
  8. Friends come and go depending on the stage of life you are at; don’t beat yourself up if you can’t keep up with everybody.
  9. 6 year-olds can be really wise. They are worth listening to.
  10. A glass of Champagne with some smoked salmon is always a winner in my book.
  11. Sometimes, when you’re a bit pissed, certain things seem like SUCH A GOOD IDEA. They rarely are.
  12. Robert Dyas is a treasure trove for keen cooks.
  13. If you are boiling eggs and one of the shells cracks, add a couple of drops of vinegar to prevent more white escaping into the pan *takes a bow*
  14. Write down the names of books you’ve read as you finish them. Otherwise, you’ll forget what you’ve read.
  15. Don’t underestimate the importance of time on your own. Get it when you can.
  16. Never give a 3-year-old a bottle of squeezy honey to add to her toast herself.
  17. Checking Twitter every 5 minutes will not bring you more followers.
  18. Boots points are great, however Nectar point are a bit of a waste of time.
  19. The things that bring me joy are often the simplest things.
  20. Buying more stuff doesn’t actually make you happy.
  21. You can never take too many snacks on an outing with kids.
  22. When people you love die, don’t be afraid to grieve, and don’t be afraid to talk about them.
  23. A good moisturiser can’t solve everything but it can help.
  24. Starting writing a blog is one of the best things I’ve ever done.
  25. When dithering over whether to do something or not, think to yourself what would [insert name of coolest person you know] do? And do that.
  26. There is no such thing as too many cookbooks.
  27. Sleep begets sleep in my experience: don’t be afraid to let your baby or toddler nap.
  28. Husbands matter; move them up the list a bit.
  29. If watching the news makes you upset, don’t watch it any more.
  30. The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver is one hell of a book.
  31. You can’t do everything perfectly; prioritise one thing and do it well. Then work down the list.
  32. The older you get, the more important make-up becomes.
  33. Carry a list of the best karaoke songs to sing on your iPhone – you never know when you’ll need it.
  34. As a working mum you will carry an extra bit of baggage with you at all times – beyond the Blackberry, the laptop and your Oyster card – it’s called guilt. Acknowledging it helps.
  35. If you can get on with your own family, you can get on with anyone.
  36. If in doubt, get them John Lewis vouchers.
  37. Being a mum is bloody hard work but 100% worth it.
  38. Never rule anything out!

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